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Tal Krawetzky



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Professional Profile

Technical leader, seasoned in various aspects of state-of-the-art technology and business. Entrepreneur (take a look at crowdtesting.net, CaliforniumIQ, Yeet24, INTERECE), strategic thinker, excellent communicator, creative mind. I've led multiple online products from concept to successful implementation.

Seasoned freelance consultant. Served my clients in various branches: eCommerce, fintech, social networks, virtualisation, robotics and more (see details here). Was responsible for technical operations in continuous integration pipelines, technology research, software design, software quality, automated testing, technical steering, mentoring devs and testers.

Technical entrepreneur in my soul, I see opportunities all around me, love getting deep down to details, well-oriented, hands-on coder and product architect, naturally talented in leading people after me towards getting things done.

More about my experience and clients or about products I've founded.

I was surprised to find a pretty exact description of the way I think and act and my life attitude in the book "How Google works" by Eric Schmidt & Jonathan Rosenberg (pp. 18-19; ISBN 978-1-444-79249-2). Most of the positive and negative personal characteristics described there - are about me. The good news is that those characteristics make a good googler.

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Interesting facts / plans


I was working for a startup, which went thru a successful buy-out by Microsoft, which payed pretty good dividends to each startup's employee. I also had an opportunity to meet in person a few people from Microsoft's top management.
Moving to Germany

Germany isn't the first country I've moved to. I was 18 y.o. as I moved from Ukraine to Israel and then as I was 35 yo. (at 2011) I moved further from Israel to Germany with my wife and the dog. My kids were born already in Germany.
Coast to coast trip in the USA

Back in the 2004 I travelled coast to coast in the USA, which was one of the best experiences I had so far. Started in NYC, moved to Miami, Fl, Keys, back to Tampa, Fl and then all the way down the road to Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco.

Navigating a drone, programming Arduino and Raspberry Pi, travelling, power walking

Learn Bavarian dialect of German language, implement SmartHome in my apartment, take my kids and wife to Disney World and much more.

My Entrepreneurship

Commercial projects that I've founded, implemented and launched


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Technical Expertise

23 years

Hands-on development and management

15 years

Software development process

18 years

Technological analysis and research

15 years

Personal abilities

  • Can explain complex problems in simple terms
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Understanding of budgets and business-planning
  • Pragmatism
  • Strong quality insight
  • Agile
  • Problem-solving aptitude
  • Strategic thinking
  • Cross-industry hands-on experience
  • Enduser oriented
  • Knowledge of technological trends to build strategy
  • Communication skills
  • Leadership
  • Start-up way of thinking
  • Extremely creative

Methodologies and Practices

  • Team building
  • Mobile solutions
  • Test design
  • Software design
  • REST/Web services
  • SaaS
  • Software architecture
  • Web-based solutions
  • Building products from concept to delivery

Version Control & CI

  • Git
  • Jenkins
  • GitHub
  • GitLab

Process Management

  • Confluence
  • Jira
  • Azure DevOps

Programming Languages

  • Java
  • Python
  • C#
  • Kotlin
  • PHP


  • MySql
  • Oracle
  • SQL Server


  • Apache2


      • IntelliJ IDEA
      • Visual Studio 2019
      • NetBeans
      • Android Studio
      • Eclipse

      Content Management Systems

      • FirstSpirit

          Design Patterns

          • PageObject
          • Gang of four patterns

            Operating Systems

            • Mac OS
            • Linux
            • iOS
            • Windows
            • Android
            • Raspbian

            Hardware Development

            • Raspberry PI
            • Arduino

              Language Skills


              Experience & Clients

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              12 years


              2 years

              Social Networks

              4 years


              4 years


              4 years


              3 years

              Robotics / Hardware

              2 years

              Real estate market

              7 years

              Consultancy Clients and Employers

              Responsible for test automation operations


              Video on demand solution. I was responsible for building an automated testing framework for Maxdome's Android App from scratch. The framework is based on Selenium Grid, Appium, written in Java, implemented through PageObject design pattern. Additionally I've established a testing lab operations with multiple physical devices (mainly smartphones and tablets) running at GitLab pipeline. Mentored teams regarding test automation and quality. Widely contributed to the final product design.
              Giesecke & Devrient
              Test automation dev


              Mobile and cloud payments solution. The customers were mainly banks and online payment solution providers. I was responsible for automated testing of various customers' product configurations. I've coded test cases, consulted regarding the test management activities, analyzed customers' setups and problems.
              Test automation dev


              Online shop. I was responsible for building automated functional tests with various tools. My responsibilities included analysis and configuration of various systems like CMS (FirstSpirit), prise analysis tools, elastic search functionality, correct scheduling of sales and special offers in online shop, technical analysis of communication between server and browser, mentoring teams regarding test automation on various levels.
              Responsible for test automation operations


              Pharma factory; active substance production process supervising solution. I was responsible for designing and coding of automated tests (C#). The tests run both through GUI and directly against the database (SQLServer). I've been acting as a 'one man show': created test concepts, coded and ran the tests, analysed and reported results, consulted teams regarding setups results, reporting. Widely contributed to final product design.
              Test automation dev


              Online coupons and discounts club. I've consulted the company's testing team and had various responsibilities in it, eg., CMS functionality (FirstSpirit), automated testing (Tosca). I've also received advanced test automation tasks, eg., automating the internal API testing. Due to network setup and special implementation of the API, this was not a trivial task, which I successfully fulfilled and delivered. Communication between teams and mentoring devs regarding quality was an important part of this role.
              Test automation lead


              Online payments API. I've consulted in hands-on mode the test automation team as a team lead. The responsibilities included mentoring the team, coding, running and analysing test automations, participating in steering meeting etc.
              Logistics social network. The goal was to smartly connect producers of goods, transportation companies and retailers. I brought this startup to beta phase with completely functional platform. Eventually, I had to close the entrepreneurship due to missing investment. However, this startup gave me a very positive experience: I've learnt a lot of technical info about enterprise logistics and ERP, as well as practical experience in managing a business.
              Test automation dev
              Process management solution. I was responsible for planning, implementing, running and analysing of automated tests (Selenium + Java). The was system connected with various 3-rd party solutions through API, which required good understanding of business processes in automotive and bank branches in order execute intensive integration and regression tests.
              Test automation dev
              Family social network. I've coded test automations using C# and Visual Studio. Additionally, I've helped to 1st tier support activities, eg., intensively communicated with clients, helped them solve their technical issues, related to using MyHeritage and more.
              Quality manager
              Registrar (a company which sells domains and relevant products; another example of a registrar is the well-known GoDaddy). I've managed a team of five people. Responsibilities included: technical managing of the team, splitting team tasks, developing of automated tests, participating in steering meetings, reproducing and analysing customers' reports and more.
              Microsoft R&D Center
              Test automation lead, SDET
              Desktop virtualisation solution, named Microsoft MED-V. I was a team lead and SDET (Software Developer in Test). Developed using VBScript/WMI, C#, PHP and JavaScript. The tested product was a virtual operating system running seamlessly on the host computer. There were various technical challenges for the test automation, which made it extremely interesting. I’ve reported directly to the project manager.
              Software testing consultancy firm. I've build and managed a team of four consultants / devs. We've helped our client companies create testing concepts, test cases and coded test automations using our own patent (pending) based solution.
              Finjan Software
              Software quality validation lead
              Proactive online defence proxy (protects organisations from external attacks thru web protocols and email). Responsibilities included planning and implementation of inhouse testing system, testing of 3rd party integration (eg., SurfControl, AVs), stress testing (WebPolygraph), writing test cases.
              Texas Instruments
              Test automation lead
              Cable modem. I've managed a team of three test automation devs. We've written tests for DOCSIS implementation in Texas Instruments using TCL/TK, which validated correct functioning of the cable modem.

              Education & Awards

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              Awards / Patent

              U.S. Patent (pending) No. US20080126288A1

              `A System and Method for Automatic Management of Quality Assurance Tests` (take a look at it in Google Patents)
              Innovation award

              Israeli government's award for innovative project (INTERECE project).


              Bar-Ilan University, Israel

              Dual studies statistics and computer sciences
              'ISQI Agile Teaming', Nuremberg, Germany

              Course and certification as agile software tester in SCRUM
              Further education

              Various courses 'Java for Devs', 'Advanced Java' etc.


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              Let's Keep In Touch

              Tal Krawetzky
              Neufahrn, 85375 Germany

              I'm also on Social Networks